The NHS is awash with paperwork, among them the employment forms you use to tell payroll and HR about new appointments, changes to your staff’s personal and workplace circumstances, or to flag up when someone leaves. And every time you create a new paper trail, you’re generating work for everyone involved that simply disappears once you take the process online.


That’s why we created EASY eForms, working closely with a major NHS trust to develop a recruitment-to-retirement package that works for everyone, from anywhere, and it interfaces with ESR. Here are just some of the ways it can benefit you…

  • Accessible for you and your employees from anywhere, using any web browser
  • No handwriting to decipher, so higher quality data
  • No more paper, so no print costs and good for the environment
  • Role-driven — you define who has access to which form and at which level
  • Customised workflow, notifications and reminders
  • Automatic data validation, so only valid items get processed
  • Secure hosted service, giving complete peace of mind

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Here’s how one CSU has used the EASY suite… Here’s how a large trust saved £66,000 in one year…

Or just call us now on 01303 248866 to find out how the EASY eForms package can help you save time and push down costs.

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