Generating paper payslips for NHS employees, then printing and distributing them, is a huge undertaking that can can account for somewhere between two and five person days — for every single payroll run!

The EASY Payslip process does away with all of that at a single stroke. No more bits of paper to create, no print runs to co-ordinate, and none of the staff hours and costs associated with making sure everyone gets their payslip on time.

Now all your employees need to do is log in to EASY Payslip using a standard web browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome and they’ll find all their payslips going back several years as well as other key documents such as HMRC-approved P60s. And if they want to check something at midnight on their tablet while watching a late night movie, that’s fine — internet access is all they need.

That’s how EASY Payslip makes life easier for your employees, but what about you?

  • The same simple, accessible browser interface for you and your employees
  • No printing or distribution, saving you time and money (a lot!)
  • Easy for you to set up and administer
  • Role-based reporting to improve your information management
  • Secure hosted service, giving complete peace of mind

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Here’s how one CSU has used the EASY suite… Here’s how a large trust saved £66,000 in one year…

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